Thursday, February 02, 2012

What our children face

My children were born in 1994 and 1998. They will turn 65 in 2059 and 2063.

Just looking at some tables  (XLS, Figure 14) in the Treasury Briefing to Incoming Finance Minister.

At the moment there are five 15-64 year-olds for each 65+ individual.

By 2061 the ratio falls to only 2.3 15-64 year-olds for each over 65 year-old.


Andrei said...

People are slowly waking up to catastrophe that the sexual revolution and the destruction of marriage and the family has wrought.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in NZ should read the BIM.

But I'd be more concerned about next year, not 2063.

As Treasury puts it:

New Zealand’s long-standing large net external liability position (as reflected by our international investment position) was at a level in 2008 that was comparable with many of the countries that have since suffered severe economic crises, as markets came to doubt their ongoing solvency

In other words: Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Italy --- NZ is next!

It's not a question of if - but a question of when.