Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another canine companion

Campbell Live ran a story late last year about an ex-animal testing facility which had many Beagles now needing homes. Some were picked up by HUHA and I heard one of their people talking to Sean Plunkett. At the time, I still had my gallery in Eastbourne and couldn't offer a home. But I closed the gallery on the 9th and now have time to put into an extra, possibly very needy dog. We brought Lexie home today and she is a delight. She has obviously only recently whelped and I don't know what happened to those pups but she was a breeder for the facility. Before we decided to take her we took our Huntaway up to meet her. They were fine together and still are far. She's a bit scared of the cats but poses no threat to them. It's early days but she really is a lovely animal. There are still more looking for homes and you can see their details on Trade Me. Here's Doris, who was Lexie's mate, and also a very responsive and affectionate dog.


Mark Hubbard said...

Good on you for taking on one of the testing Beagles Lindsay (that was an appalling story).

She looks like a lovely dog; it'll be interesting to see how well she does adapt (remembering Beagles can be a bit of a handful at the best of times :) )

The first time I came across a Beagle as a breed, was about ten years ago when we were renting while building, and a I caught a little Beagle which belonged to the neighbour disappearing across our lawn with one of my socks it'd got inside our house. It was a lovely wee thing, and came when I called it (here doggy). It's name tag read on one side, 'my name is Jack', and on the other 'I'm a little shit', then the owner's phone number :)

We got to know Jack very well over time: he was probably one of the most intelligent dogs I've come across. He actually saved the life of a big old fat lab who'd got stuck in some temporary electric fencing in the paddock above us, and was suffocating, by chewing away the material that had tightened around its neck. That and barking which caught my attention. He'd kept the lab, who lived at same house, alive long enough for me to get there and free it.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Nice story Mark. One day and a few hours and so far the only problem is one pee on the floor. Oh, and I need a rubbish bin with a padlock. Otherwise she is endearing herself to everyone.