Monday, January 02, 2012


You would think that blaming 'stupidity' for the high holiday road toll was somehow sensational. The reporter who sought a comment from the new Police Minister, Anne Tolley has used it for his headline. That or the editor has.

Tolley is on the button. I hope to see more headlines blaming social calamities on 'stupidity'. Let's stop pussy-footing around the issue of blame and start stigmatising stupidity. Too many people make stupid decisions and stupid choices. I did it myself in younger days. I survived through the ability to learn from them. Some people seem incapable. At an enormous cost to everyone else.

Instead of agonising analysis (eg government commissions) over why NZ figures so prominently in too many negative social indicators, let's start saying it's because NZ has more than its fair share of stupid people.

Second chances are a good thing. A degree of tolerance for the young is a good thing. But it doesn't mean we can't call a spade a spade and say stupid is as stupid does. Grow up for gods sakes. Because if you refuse to mentally, you might never get the chance to in reality.


DigiSlidz said...

The Otaihanga accident now means we will all suffer, 80 km/h Paraparaumu to Waikanae and no passing from south of Paraparaumu to north of Waikanae. No acknowledgement that two of the recent accidents were due to poor driving decisions speed and poor overtaking.

pdm said...

An excellent post Lindsay - well said by you and Anne Tolley.

Anonymous said...

This has got to be the best blog post I have ever read. Way to go Lindsay. Murray

Manolo said...

As harsh as it sounds: Darwinism at work!

ZenTiger said...

The stupidity extends all the way to the government. It may have been a stupid decision to overtake near the Otaihanga intersection, but a family of 5 who were the other car hit also suffer for this, and the design of the road has seen a lot of people die from the inaction of the NZTA to design/fix that known black spot to be safer in the first place.

I see they are now, finally going to do something about it.

It is stupid to call a goat track a state highway.

ZenTiger said...

PS: I agree with your post.

Oswald Bastable said...

That is dangerously like heading towards taking personal responsibility for ones actions!

Gravedodger said...

Keep shooting straight Mrs Tolley.

When I reconsider my youth I realise some very good luck and some very good choices were in play.

The good luck was slow cars, lack of money, strict legals, acquiring the fuel and places to consume it, country roads and good mates although one rolled the A30, as he was too drunk as well.

The good choices included, good parents, a guardian uncle (the old fashioned ones ie My mums brother) and meeting a lovely sheilagh and marrying her 49 years ago this October 16th.

As one involved in cleaning up the mess my first thoughts are with the Police, the firemen and ambulance, the latter two groups probably vollys who had their season of good will severly marred by another tragic mess.

Yes the road is a dangerous freekin place just as the quiet country road in Hawks Bay this afternoon when I was overtaken by a couple of temporary New Zealanders on bikes doing in excess of 150 KPH. A cow, a tractor, a child on a new bicycle, a horse whatever, they were missiles looking for a target.

Very few crashes are "ACCIDENTS" and this one at Otaihanga was definitly in the "driver error" category.

Paulus said...

Good Post Lyndsay. Quite right Anne Tolley.