Sunday, December 25, 2011

Some figures to chew on

There are only so many blog Xmas Greetings you can take. Surely.

So something to tuck away for post your eat/drink/be merry festival.

In 1972 2.2 percent of government spending was on law and order; 16 percent on health and 23 percent on social welfare.

In 2011 4.8 percent went on law and order; 20 percent on health and 31 percent on social welfare. Education spending dropped slightly from 17.6 percent in 1972 to 16.5 in 2011.

A crude interpretation might be that we have more crime, worse health and more 'need' to be met with welfare payments. I emphasise crude because there are of course many, many interpretations one could put on the figures.

Now, first present to deliver - a walk for the dog.

Have a wonderful day.


Don McKenzie said...

Lindsay, these figures you give would be more meaningful if we had a comparison of the size of Govt in 1972 relative to today. I suspect that Govt today takes a bigger slice of GDP percentage wise today than in 1972.
Best wishes for the New Year.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

At your service:-)

29 percent in 1972 ($1,847 of $6,335 billion) NZ Yearbook 1973

2011 35 percent (leaving out local govt).

Don Mac said...

Thanks Lindsay.