Thursday, December 08, 2011

Newspaper or junkmail?

Is it any wonder newspaper circulation is declining when they resemble junkmail more and more? Who wants to pay for what often gets thrown in the bin before it ever crosses the doorstep anyway?

In the first ten pages of today's DomPost page 4 is 100 percent ads; page 5 is 50 percent; 6 is 80 percent as is 7; 8 is 100 percent; 9 is 80 percent; 10 100 percent.

Throw in the ads on the first three pages and the total advertising space is over two thirds.


Anonymous said...

The problem isn't the 2/3rds advertising content -

the problem is the other 1/3 which is basically advertising for Labour & the Greens,

brian_smaller said...

I haven't brought a paper in years.

Kiwiwit said...

Anonymous is right.

The answer is simple - cancel your subscription and don't buy it from the newsagent. The sooner we put these tabloids-posing-as-broadsheets out of business, the better.

Bruce S said...

...and has anyone else noticed that SKY TV's advertising creep now makes it appear as a full blown infomercial show?

Anonymous said...

Not many comments Lindsay? Maybe you and your Mutual Admiration Society are too rude and dismissive for people to be bothered to comment??Could Be !

James said... are wrong.

Now Piss off.


Anonymous said...

Well there they go again.Lindsay why dont you give up on blogging and invite your mates around for a cup of tea instead?You can all natter to your hearts content in privacy.

Paulus said...

What will the Herald do once Christmas and New Year sales are over. Rugby/Richie McCaw/Dan Carter ? - I hope not we have had a guts full of Rugby - really some people do not like Rugby at all.
Easter Sales advertising - yea