Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'd work at McDonalds over a benefit

Living the Labour ethos of decrying work former MP Georgina Beyer, now on an unemployment benefit says,

"I do draw the line at being a crew member at McDonald's. I'm a little bit past that sort of thing." Ms Beyer admits she has been told to "lower her sights", but says some jobs are off the agenda.

What happened to Georgina the inspirational role model? What sort of message is she now sending to young people?

Me, I'd be taking whatever there was instead of behaving like a sad sack.

And if I was a prospective employer I would be more likely to hire the person who was supporting themselves by any means possible than one who was turning down jobs beneath them to live off a benefit.


PM of NZ said...

There's a vacancy on the Liarbour front bench as of yesterday. Maybe it should ring her old mates to enquire.

Allan said...

Her true colours and nature are being shown. It just shows you how easy it is to go on a benefit in NZ. Why the hell shouldnt she take a job at Macdonalds at least then she wouldnt be bludging off the tax payer like she currently is.

brian_smaller said...

She was useless in Parliament and just as useless now obviously. I see she is looking for another trough to get her snout in. She could always go back on the game.

Anonymous said...

Of course thanks to WFF, health & education, she'd take the Maccas job and still bludge

The only way to stop bludging is to stop paying.