Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Colin Craig - the Big Spender

Has Colin Craig broken the spending limit on electioneering?

We have received his glossy A4 pamphlet at least three times and yesterday 4 copies fell out of the middle of the Hutt News. Apparently his signs are absolutely everywhere in Auckland. He seems to have more radio ads than any other party. "Hi Colin the Conservative here..." always conjures up an image of what the Goodnight Kiwi would sound like if it could speak.

I haven't got time to look up the rules right now but perhaps he can afford the fine as well.


Maungakiekie said...

The Conservative Party has quite a presence in Auckland sign-wise, but, in my estimation, Labour has a lot more signs up - at least in Maungakiekie.

It is so unpleasant to see the face of the Labour candidate, Carol Beaumont, enlarged by a factor of about 100; let's just say that at life size, it's not attractive, and increasing it to Brobdignanian proportions does nothing to improve matters.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Conservatives stick around for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I hope he has broken the limit, and that he just writes off the fine with a smile. The restrictions on personal and corporate contributions to campaigns are heavily anti-democratic: if the Conservatives do this a couple of times the laws will be repealed.

The only restrictions on spending should be an absolute ban on spending by unions and similar membership organisations (Greenpeace, Forest & Bird, Churches etc)

Anonymous said...

You say this yet we're in the Hawkes Bay and have seen only 2 billboards here - there have been no flyers. When driving around Napier - National and Labours boards are everywhere

Bruce S said...

Perhaps Colin read your earlier blog on the Conservative party Lindsay and he has singled you out for special treatment. Just in an effort to change your mind about the party. The tone of your blog suggests you are less than impressed; so he'll stop bombarding you now.....maybe.