Monday, August 29, 2011

Child ill-being: the recession isn't the problem

You will have read or heard about the updated Children's Social Health Monitor released today.

It examines the effect of the recession on things like unemployment, benefit dependence, deprivation, ill-health and hospital admissions.

But the following graphs highlight that dependence on the DPB isn't enormously effected by the unemployment rate. With or without a recession, far too many children rely on the DPB and subsequently are 'poor'.

The next graphs, also extracted from today's report, highlight that child hospital admission rates for assault, neglect or maltreatment are ten times higher in the poorest decile compared to the wealthiest (which coincides exactly with the teenage birth rate.)

Following that is the ethnic breakdown.

How many times have you heard PC, self-deceiving types saying that abuse happens across all of society? I suppose technically that is true but it is intended to detract attention from where most of it happens.

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Bruce S said...

So after 10 years of churning out these pretty graphs, we see that these PC types are incapable of drawing any conclusions and implementing effective action plans? I suspect the real issue has nothing to do with care and welfare of the children concerned. It's more about garnering more dollars to grow the empire of the incompetent morons in the social development services industries, just to ensure they can continue to delude themselves and the tax paying public that they are making a difference. The 2011 budget allocated 26% of tax payer funds to the dept. of Social Development; that is around $NZ 22 billion or $ 5,000 per kiwi!! And our return on investment? Seems the more money we throw at it, the bigger the problem becomes. Just more dead kids. Here's a thought; let's cut the budget to say $ 7 billion and let's see what happens! I'm sure the graphs would paint a totally different picture then.