Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Are you a Conservative?

Are you a Conservative?

I didn't score enough to need a Conservative Party (8 out of 15). And that was an ambivalent 8 as some of the questions are multi-pronged.

Doesn't solve my problems about who to vote for come November.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised - quite a lefty set of questions.

How do you vote for capital punishment rather than paying 3-5 MILLION dollars for life imprisonment?

How do you vote for ending welfare rather than "no welfare without work"?

Doesn't solve my problems about who to vote for come November.

You don't have a problem: electorate vote National, party vote ACT. Same as always for everyone except in Epsom.

Michael M said...

Another control freak, some very ambiguous questions and certainly leaning to the left.

Don Mac said...

Good on the Guy.Anyone or party that promotes BCIR will do me . It made Switzerland. How can you be called a 'control freak' when BCIR would give power back to us the voter?

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation I consider myself to be at the opposite end of the political spectrum to you and I can't find anyone to vote for either.


James said...

BCIR is just democracy...and that's just another form of dictatorship. Human rights aren't up for the vote..they are above it. I don't care a rats damn what 10 or 10 thousand of you wish me to do with my life and property...I will decide that is my right.

Shane Pleasance said...

Evidently I am not a conservative. Who would have thought?

Anonymous me - what about mana and Greens? They are about as communist as you will get in NZ at the moment?

And absolutely agree about democracy - lets put power out of the hands of the pollies. There is clearly no other alternative if one considers the state the world is in.

Maungakiekie said...

Vote Libertarianz!