Monday, August 08, 2011

ACT list

Naturally enough I am interested in who is on the ACT list this year. According to the NZ Herald:

On Friday it issued its list of 47 candidates, with only one identifying as Maori.

Anyone know where the list was published?


Berend de Boer said...

It wasn't published and it isn't a candidate list. It was a ballot send to members where they can rank their candidates, which might be used as input for the party list.

pdm said...

BdB - does this mean that ACT is becoming aligned with The Greens because isn't that what they do - lol.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Ahaaaah. THAT solves the mystery.

The Herald got it wrong.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the money is not kiwi? it's Chinese?

Anonymous said...

It won't be much of a surprise Lindsay. Apart from Brash and one other, the top ten are all very pro-Rodney. Which just goes to show that the dysfunctional board is still controlled by Rodney. Apparently, there was a solid Hide-ist block on the board that hunted as a pack to ensure the "correct" people filled the top ten. The fact that the incumbent president can get a top 10 list spot is questionable - although he did excuse himself from the list selection process so I guess that shows some integrity. Numbers 9 and 10 may come as a surprise - especially number 10 whom nobody in the party will have heard of! Once again the board is parachuting their mates into the top spots. At least no-one "purchased" their top 5 spot this time - well not yet anyway.