Monday, June 06, 2011

What timidity looks like

From Stuff:

The welfare group's February report said the cost of welfare would go from $47 billion to $34b by 2021 if its reforms proceeded - cutting the 360,000 on welfare by 100,000, by putting work obligations on them in exchange for support such as childcare.

Even if the goal is achieved, in simple terms of total number of beneficiaries, the reduction will be a worse performance than under Labour.


Manolo said...

..the reduction will be a worse performance than under Labour.

Not without reason Key and co. are called Labour lite!

Anonymous said...


Welfare reforms have seen 5000 unemployment beneficiaries quit the dole rather than reapply for it.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett this morning said latest figures showed 328,043 people were now on benefits, with 57,058 of those on an unemployment benefit.

If 5,000 then why not 50,000?
If 50,000 then why not 350,000?
If 350,000 then why not 1,000,000?

Because when you count WFFers, super-codger-bludgers, DPB-ers - not to mention civil servants, there are more like 1,000,000 bludging bennies in NZ!

End dole, DPB, Sickness & super NOW!