Friday, June 24, 2011

Alternative to the alternative

Here is the one of the up shots of Monday's meeting of the Alternative Welfare Working Group. The one that wants more welfare. The Greens are sticking with their effective use of children (saccharin images) to promote policy. Policy that will unfortunately work against children's best interests.

This is a Green e-card designed to be sent to Paula Bennett. Below it I have used a different image and written some alternative (alternative to the alternative) text. Please feel free to e-mail this blog post to the Minister.

Dear Paula Bennett

Please reject the Welfare Working Group report.

The report's recommendations are extreme and will hurt vulnerable New Zealand families.

New Zealand kids deserve access to essentials and opportunities, especially in hard-times.

Cutting benefits, work-testing parents, and targeting the disabled will leave many people and their children out on the cold.

Please reject this report and give all our kids a chance.

Please accept the Welfare Working Group Report.

The report's recommendations are rational and will improve the lives of New Zealand families, especially in the long term.

New Zealand children deserve access to essentials and opportunities. Most importantly, they deserve parents who will do everything in their power to support and care for them through work, and who will instil similar expectations in them.

As benefits will not be cut where genuine attempts to find and accept work are made, and the small number unable to support themselves will not be targeted, children will not be out in the cold.

Please accept this report and give all our kids a chance.


Anonymous said...

Or the only real alternative:

Dear Paula Bennett

"If we stop all the benefits, do you think one million people would starve to death?"

Please reject the Welfare Working Group report.

The report's recommendations are anodyne in the extreme extreme and will hurt hardworking, productive, high-value New Zealand families.

New Zealand must pay its own way in the world, especially in hard-times.

Eliminating benefits, requiring work, and targeting the disabled are only some of the many actions necessary to ensure NZ has a future as a productive, hardworking, high-value country. The report's proposals for expensive case management, full-time childcare for beneficiaries kids, extra support for training or even community to work are yet more welfare NZ simply cannot afford

The riots in Greece, Spain, and Portugal show all too clearly when NZ will be if we continue to borrow $400 million dollars every week. The whole of the welfare state - benefits but also health and education - is now utterly and completely unaffordable in NZ.

Please stop this report arguing for yet more high-spending, high-cost welfare measures- and make the change we all know must be made: stop all welfare benefits - to give all our economy one, last, chance.

James said...

Include the line that "the hardest choice is usually the right one".