Monday, February 28, 2011

The response to that welfare report

As the days past last week I became less and less inclined to enter the welfare report debate. Primarily because of the timing, but running a close second to that, the quality of the debate. Here is just one example;


Friday 22 February 2011

Celebrate Beneficiaries - The Heroes of the Recession

It is the government who is making bad life choices, not beneficiaries! In fact, Trevor McGlinchey from the NZ Council of Christian Social Services (NZCCSS) says beneficiaries are the heroes who are carrying the country through the recession.

NZCCSS Executive officer McGlinchey was speaking in response to today’s release of the third and final report from the government Welfare Working Group Report.

...“Last year’s Budget offered millions in tax assistance to those on mid to high incomes, many of whom pay relatively minimal tax because they know how to work the system. That leaves low income earners and beneficiaries to pay off the nation’s debts!”

So I apologise for encouraging people to get in and show support for reform and then failing to do so myself.

As it happens the report was overtaken by events and its opponents will be more frustrated about that than the group itself. There is good and bad in it. Now it awaits National to pick up the best and make it policy.


Spam said...

I therefore encourage all workers to do their bit for the country and resign from their jobs. Actually don't do that - get fired, because if you resign you can't go on a benefit. Once we're all on benefits, then we should be able to get the country's debts paid-off quick-smart. Who's with me?

Anonymous said...

What a fuckwit.

He hasn't got a clue, and is obviously not really the right person to be running any business, let alone the NZCCSS.

How net takers (beneficiaries) actually contribute to the government's coffers is beyond me.

We need more Lindsays and less Trevors in this debate.

Unknown said...

Take heart.

Not all Christians are of the loopy left. Some of us own businesses, create wealth, employ staff, pay taxes.

Some of us understand that wealth has to be first created before it can be distributed. We may be a minority, but we exist. :-)

As Margret Thatcher once famously stated, 'the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples' money'. Thats where we are today.