Friday, January 21, 2011

Tedious nagging from the UN and repetitious waffle from Labour

News this morning seems to be dominated by the UN damning NZ again about its shameful record on children's rights. Too many children are living in poverty apparently. There isn't a Ministry for Children. Labour's response is nothing more than repetitious waffle. They would create a Minister for Social Policy; they would take a "whole of government approach"; they would "break the cycle of economic deprivation". It is just so tedious.

So many children live in relative poverty because we have so many families living on welfare. There is no imperative to work when on welfare so dysfunction flourishes. But wait for a raft of responses today calling for MORE welfare.

Update; MacDoctor has an excellent post on the subject


Manolo said...

Spineless Key should put the report in the rubbish bin, where it belongs.

Did comrade Clark in New York help writing the document?

libertyscott said...

I might respond by telling the UN that when its own staff stop being caught abusing children in developing countries then it can stop finger pointing developed countries.

This is an unwarranted interference in the internal affairs of New Zealand which does nothing other than provide ammunition to the opposition.