Sunday, December 19, 2010

Turning five

If my blog was a child it would be starting school tomorrow - except there is no school tomorrow. Yeh for school holidays.

The five years it takes for a child to progress from birth to school seem very significant with so much mental and physical development taking place. In the last five years my blog has certainly grown physically (content quantity) but I don't think it has growth much mentally (content quality). If anything it has gone backwards with too much repetition of ideas.

But I don't plan to abandon it even if I am moving into a different phase - more art, more people contact and less virtual communication. Not one for dramatic gestures or decisions, I actually mirror my political conviction. Gradualism. Incremental change led by radical ideas that take seed and grow. Slowly. Mind numbingly slowly sometimes.

Some say politics is a numbers game. I say it is a game of patience. Mine has not run out. Yet. But the welfare stuff isn't going to take precedence any more.


Anonymous said...

Trying to fix the Welfare State is like finding a cure for cancer.
But why fix either when there are fortunes to be made selling hope?


Anonymous said...

Congrats. Agree there is too much repetition on blogs. That's why I stopped reading Not PC. Just the same thing day in, day out. Good on you for seeking a change in direction.


Manolo said...

Congratulations, Lindsay.
Yours is a very readable blog with analysis to back up the facts.


pdm said...

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Happy blog birthday.

Whitle variety is good, I hope you'll still continue to post on welfare.

Tribeless said...

Well done Lindsay. I've been enjoying your blog for well over a year now.

Have a great Christmas.

Mark Hubbard


Greetings from the frozen north, Lindsay.
Please don't give up on the welfare stuff. That is your forte, your specialist subject which sets you apart from the others.
But variety is the spice of life.
I have just enjoyed the paintings you have shown above.
Jospeph mentions Not PC.
I enjoy Peter Creswell's architecture as well as his politics.
Congratulations of five successful years.

Anonymous said...

Well done.

You have a vitally important message.

Terrible pity the people in Wellington just don't get it