Monday, November 08, 2010

Time Shadbolt for Breakfast

I see Breakfast's ratings have dropped by almost a fifth. See. People do like a laugh in the morning. Or in the evening. Any time for that matter.

Favourite TV programme is this house is 7 Days. It isn't an exaggeration to describe it as the best NZ humour ever.

One of the segments involves a 'personality' being grilled to extract a forbidden yes or no answer. Friday's guest was Tim Shadbolt which made for side-splitting hilarity.

So forget that simpering soapy giggly gaggle that is now Breakfast and watch this great session with Invercargill's unusual mayor. No wonder no one can beat him... at winning the mayoralty that is.

(Starts at 9:30)


James said...

7 Days is ok...but there has never been a Kiwi show like Back of the Y!It puts that Flight of the Concordes crap to shame.


Anonymous said...

Kiwi comedy is lame. Shadbolt stole the show.


Shane Pleasance said...

One of the few things I missed leaving UK for NZ was a programme 'have I got news for you' - from whence 7 days originates conceptually (worth a look on youtube).

Sadly, 7 days is but a shadow - worth watching though.
Shadbolt is a bloody star, however.