Wednesday, October 27, 2010

'Not taking' isn't the same as 'giving'

The problem with the New Zealand attitude is summed up in this headline:

Hobbit's makers want more money

The automatic interpretation of that sentence is that the Hobbit makers want to be given money when what they want is to keep money.

Not taking is not the same as giving.

It isn't a difficult distinction to grasp.

All the government has to decide between is a reduced share of the Hobbit profit or nothing.

And then they need to extrapolate that reasoning to tax-paying individuals who are also free to take their production elsewhere.

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Anonymous said...

"If it wasn't for the industrial action, they [Warner Bros] were good to go," - John Key.

It's not about tax, Lindsay. It's about the unions.

If industrial terrorism is legal in NZ, no other film company (or indeed any other company) will want to come anywhere near the place!

And who could blame them?

Brownlee could the unions (and their political wings) under the prevention of terrorism laws today. That might make some difference. A few tens of millions won't do anything - especially when the currency has inflated by 40%