Friday, September 03, 2010

Child Support - facts and figures

As Child Support is topical here are some facts and figures produced through an OIA request last year;

* In 2008 IRD collected $363 million in child support

* Of that sum $136 million went into the consolidated fund to offset the $1,530 million DPB bill

* At March 31, 2009 there were 130,762 liable parents

* Of these parents 59,536 (46 percent) paid the minimum amount of $66.60 per month

* A typical monthly payment to a sole parent with two dependent children living in Auckland receiving the DPB, accommodation supplement and other allowances could be $2,513

* Under that example, a liable parent paying the minimum for two children would be contributing 5.3 percent of the custodial parent's benefit payment

* At 31 March 2009 there were 201,900 children subject to child support. That has risen to 210,000 in 2010 - approximately one in five under 18s.

* 45 percent of liable parents had incomes of under $20,000; 3 percent had incomes in excess of $100,000

* 27 percent of liable parents and 54 percent of custodial parents received benefit income during the month of April 2009

* 18 percent of liable parents are female (some parents share custody of children and both incur liabilities)

* At March 31, 2009 7,135 or 1 in 20 liable parents lived overseas

* In NZ child support is payable up to 19 (unless he or she becomes 'financially independent'); in the UK child support is payable up to 16 (unless the child remains in non-advanced education)


Anonymous said...

These sums are to a slight extent misleading as they include voluntary payments rather than assessed payments. Any parents can agree to have IRD administer a mutually agreed regime. I suggest that voluntary payments ought be pared off the totals.


Barnsley Bill said...

Agree with Cadwallader.
I pay voluntary and IRD mandated amounts. I believe the debt problem is as bad as it is because IRD are so bloody minded and intractable. I earn six figures and struggle to keep on top of it, pity the poor schmucks trying to eat, pay rent and pay child support on the average wage.

Unknown said...

Tis nonsense to fiddle with so called Child Support until our FAMILY Law and Social Policy is undergirded with real **Equal Parenting** to take the Fight, Profit, Careers and power of the Anti-Family Brigade from current Law and Policy.

Paying so called Child Support is funding the destruction of your own FAMILY and empowering the STATE to do just that to others.

An example of the 1000′s damaged so far is in my tab *PMLetterJim* @

Onward – Together-4-FAMILY – Ration Shed – Jim