Sunday, August 08, 2010

A good day

Took the kids flying yesterday. Sam took this from the ground after take-off.

Originally she wasn't going up - "scared of heights". But once she sighted the plane and got caught up in the excitement Robert and I share she wanted first dibs (much to Robert's annoyance). We flipped a coin and she won. Always does. But the weather was closing in as I fiddled and faffed about familiarising myself with a plane I had never flown before. For instance their was no push-to-talk button on the control column so it took me some time to figure out how to transmit. Two tx buttons were on a second panel below the radio, which seemed blindingly obvious in hindsight. These planes are very old with updated electronics and nothing is ever standard. Consequently I only got one circuit in. Despite that Sam really enjoyed it except for when we were over the sea and I banked. Then she must have closed her eyes on landing asking me, "Have we landed yet? Have we landed yet?"

Avoiding the rain, we went off to Burger King, the best way to mollify Robert when he is angry, now thinking he wasn't going to get to fly at all. After an hour the wind had gotten up slightly but the rain had cleared so we returned to the field and Robert got his turn. As we lined up on runway 34 and I applied full power my previously virtual-reality-only co-pilot commented, "The graphics and sound effects are much better." Flying is beginning to look more attractive to him than law. And I am pleased about that. It was a good day.

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Oh - I thought you'd manage to shaft some bennies.