Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Harawira harebrained

According to Hone Harawira people want to drink alcohol, they want to smoke cannabis but they do not want to smoke tobacco. That is why banning tobacco wouldn't create a black market. People don't want to smoke cigarettes or rollies. There would be no consumer demand. Nil. Zilch. Zero.

Have you ever heard anything so absurd?


brian_smaller said...

"Have you ever heard anything so absurd?"

Not since we were told that buying Kiwi Rail was a good idea.

James said...

Thats the sort of nutty shit you expect from mad Cath Delahunty et el.....Hones jumped the mofo shark.

Shane Pleasance said...

"If they have no bread..."

Oswald Bastable said...

Quite free from the ravages of intelligence!

Anonymous said...

"Have you ever heard anything so absurd?"

Free Healthcare!
Free Education!
Government Super!


Anonymous said...

I think it would be best for all forms of the media to simply ignore him...this blog included.


JCUKNZ's blog said...

He's also against tidal generation of power in the Kaipara Harbour.
To Anon 5.00 I would say ... Health insurance is a confidence trick with low premiums to attract you when you are young and healthy, and get stuck into you as you grow older. Premiums should be based on whole of life coverage and the only outfit which can do this properly is the government or a state owned organisation.... which the foolish call free health coverage.

MikeE said...

Not since Jim Anderton, the National Party and the Labour party said exactly the same thing about BZP!