Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brotherly love

This isn't Daisy and her kittens. It's Palangi and his younger brother and sister. Palangi was born in August last year and Cecil, the one he is diligently grooming, was born in December. He does this for prolonged periods.

In steps Daisy and has a desultory lick of her older boy and then she leaves him to it.

Is this unusual behaviour? I ask because Palangi is a most unusual cat. Even if you were not a cat person it would be hard not to warm to him. He behaves more like a faithful puppy than a cat, hasn't a shred of aggression, snuggles up to my face as close as he can and gazes at me. Sleeps with his chin on my shoulder through the night. Sleeps at my feet when I paint during the day. Is a terrible jumper, missing things or falling off things. Won't eat the food the other cats eat, confining himself to tuna and red meat. And when he hears the call of the wild, departs to catch and fetch challenging prey like tissues and bits of wood. Well, there was a lizard the other day but I don't think he caught it. When visiting the vet for his vaccine booster this morning she had difficulty hearing his heartbeat because he wouldn't stop purring. If cats have spirits this one's is special.


brian_smaller said...

Speaking as a former cat breeder and owner of seven of the damned things, I would have to say "no". You get a whole bunch of cats living in the same space and the differences become very obvious. We have a couple like your boy.

Opinionated Libertarimum said...

I am trying not to stare at my cat with disdain. I know it's bad for mothers to compare their children, but, as I nurse the latest scratch obtained because I took too long to open my beast's can of food, I can't help it.

Mark.V. said...

If he were human he would be considering a sex change in the future. "She" is obviously in the wrong body.