Friday, December 18, 2009

A "separate Maori welfare system."

Duncan Garner is reporting that "the Government is close to a decision that would see millions of dollars set aside to fund a separate Maori welfare system."

This is the extension of Whanau Ora. While the details are not known, not a lot can be said. As a rule I am against separatism. But the interaction between Maori and the current welfare system is unacceptable. Any change should be viewed, at least initially, with an open mind.

However, I can speculate. And this is what I think. Whanau Ora is Tariana Turia's baby. Tariana is completely opposed to any interference with the DPB, which is at the core of Maori welfare. She and Sharples have strenuously opposed work-testing which National are insisting they will press ahead with.

If the Maori Party can effectively set up a separate welfare system for Maori they can set their own rules.

The extension of Whanau Ora serves as a political solution for National. They can keep Maori onside while satisfying their own constituents desire for a tightening up on welfare.


Anonymous said...

More crap from an increasingly crappy government.

Anonymous said...

No this is quite a good move.
Any cutting of benefits has to be good.
As Lindsay said: this will enable the government to eliminate welfare and super for whites.

A better outcome than not reducing welfare and super at all!

Which part of Hone's explanation of the Maori party policy don't you understand?

Anonymous said...

Anon, it's a bad move. This is pure separatism, very scary stuff. NZ is becoming South Africa in reverse, and this govt is pandering to it. Turia would be against any changes to the DPB, how predictable is that? Indeed a crappy government and a non democratic one. Time to go to Aussie, me thinks.

Anonymous said...

If the maori want to be separatist I say good on them. BUT use maori taxpayers money to pay for it.
Under this National Government we are losing OUR rights and paying through the nose for it.

Anonymous said...

Its doomed to failure. Corruption and nepotism will prevail.Those in the know will get rich and present systems now in place designed to make a difference will be duplicated and will employ unqualified/cussies to cream the billions on offer.

The Government will absolve itself of responsibility. Afterall, Maori want it and when they get it they wont be able to figure out how it works. Won't be the Governments fault. We will all nod our heads and know the obvious. Meanwhile the problem will ony get worse....


Unknown said...

If I find out that the maori's are getting a cent more than I'm entitled to as a non maori then I'll be kickin up a real stink. I think john key is asking for a civil war,and if thats the case then I'll be more than willing to take up arms. He doesn't speak for new zealand, he doesn't even take any notice when we object to the things he is proposing. he should be executed for being a traitor to new zealand. My name is Winston wood and I AM A NEW ZEALANDER!

Unknown said...

Judging by the way he's been running the country so far, one would think John key was leader of the maori party. Whats all that brown stuff on your nose John?

Anonymous said...

just have to agree that a separate maori welfare system is yet another method of separating the people of NZ. Is there any separate welfare for whites? would this sit well with nzers if there was? When i woke up this morning I could of sworn it was 2010, this constant "us and them" or "special" arrangements for just one race in NZ, feels very much like life 150yrs ago. Can we as one nation move forward together or is it always going to be a case of "maori vs pakeha" and yes it could very well be time to leave this land of ours, we are already so far behind the rest of the world in most aspects of life so why not support separatism!!! really brings home the meaning of go kiwi, yeah right!