Wednesday, July 01, 2009

More interest in the smacking referendum than the 2008 general election?

In respect of the 2008 General Election;

At 14 October, 2008, "... around 200,000 people still weren't enrolled."

On 4 November, 2008, there were, "...170,000 people who are still not enrolled to vote on Saturday."

So in those 3 weeks preceding the 2008 General Election only 30,000 people enrolled to vote.

In the two weeks since the smacking referendum campaign was launched by the Electoral Commission, over 25,000 have enrolled or updated their details.

While not directly comparable these figures provide some context.

People appear just as, or more motivated, by the smacking referendum.


Shane Pleasance said...

There's political learning to be had in them thar referendums...

National didn't win the last election, Labour got thrown out.

Chuck Bird said...

You have summed things up nicely Shane.

For those who intend to vote No or who are undecided Rodney Hide invites you to his Constituent Forum. The theme: “anti smacking referendum”

Special Guest speaker: Bob McCoskrie, National Director, Family First
Will speak on “Why the Referendum Answer is No”

You will also find more reasons to vote No on the Section 59 Blogspot