Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Of money and morals

I move in some 'circles' that people wouldn't expect. Thus I pick up interesting tidbits.

A young woman was pregnant. She didn't know which of the men she had slept with was the father. But it would become clear after the birth, as the two potential fathers had different ethnicities. She told her permanentish partner, with whom she already has several other children, that the baby might not be his. This didn't seem to cause any great ructions.

The baby is now a few months old and it has become evident that it does indeed belong to the permanentish partner. When I enquired if the father was pleased about this outcome I was told that he was not. Neither was the mother. "Why?" I asked. Because they would have got more child support from the other guy, was the answer.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps more appropriate to ask "of money and culture" ?

Anonymous said...

I see thisi sort of thing all the time dealign with bene tenants. not suprised at all.

Brian Smaller