Sunday, January 11, 2009

Crisis of confidence - no wonder

According to Matt McCarten today,

There is no doubt capitalism is having a crisis of confidence.

Is it any wonder?

Like a battered wife, capitalism has been treated abominably. Ruling governments have no faith in it. While making public pretences to, in reality, they shun the free market, preferring to flex their own redistributive and regulatory muscles. Then, like the pathetic confused creature the battered wife becomes, capitalism is blamed for every problem ever created. Like her, capitalism is a punching bag, a object of derision, taunting and paranoia. Eventually even outsiders start to join in the fray and side with the bully, not understanding that the abused now has no power or confidence, physical or psychological, to deflect the blows.

Yet, in truth, it is he who is totally dependent on her and his abuse of her. As governments are on capitalism. And just like spousal abusers, they too are cowards.



Wow! A beautifully written piece. Your description of a 'Battered woman' is dead on.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lindsay.True free market Capitalism is being blamed for crimes committed in its absense....

Lucy said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent metaphor LM.

may I use it?


Lindsay Mitchell said...

SG, Be my guest. Where are you using it?