Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nia Glassie - Why?

First her father;

"I've got no feelings. I can't explain - at the end of the day my baby's gone and nothing will bring her back."

Shedding some big crocodile tears. And talking about 'shedding' isn't this the guy who was found by Kuka having an 'affair' with her niece in the garden shed?

Isn't this the guy that buggered off to Australia and left his kids behind?

Talk about there being no moral compass in these groupings of people called whanau.

And aren't we all getting sick to death of being commanded to take responsibility? Whether it be for 'narking' (I'll write more about that) or as a taxpayer, who should fork out more to alleviate the poverty that apparently lies at the heart of this dysfunction?

I knew a couple of kids living in a not dissimilar home and agonised over what to do. So did others. You are dealing with people for whom retribution is everything; that retribution could extend to the kids themselves, or the neighbours and their children. Their extended whanau, the first place CYF will look to remove the children to, may be no better. These families aren't just one bad apple surrounded by good. The neglect is measured not by its existence but by degrees of. Neglect doesn't kill but abuse can. They tend to be two sides of the same coin but not always. A lot of lies and cover-ups are par for the course as people guilty only of victimless crimes like smoking dope, or ripping off the benefit system, lie low. 'Narking' is no simple matter whether considering the best interests of the at-risk child, your child or yourself.

It is not black and white and the many moralisers who call talkback today agreeing that we will stop child abuse by looking out for it and not tolerating it, are simply feeding their own emotional need to do something. Then they will put down the phone and carry on in their middle class world where what to have for dinner is the most pressing issue.

What we are seeing in the Glassie case, and every other that does or doesn't hit the headlines, is supposed adults who have not grown up. Old enough to breed babies, do drugs and drink, get a menial job if it suits or not, but incapable of rationalising and controlling their fleeting, feckless, roller-coaster emotions. A child is perceived as weak or 'ugly'. It is targeted. This is grown-up bullying that has gone too far. The minds of these boy-men are further deranged by drink and the normalisation of violence through their daily cerebral activities. But they are just a cog in the generational wheel.

Here's the difference though. Forty years ago they wouldn't have been allowed to form the kind of groups loosely call families. There would have been no financial mechanism to create them. Babies were adopted out, sometimes to extended whanau, sometimes to strangers. But to people who WANTED them. It wasn't a perfect answer by any means, but what ever is?

So 40 years ago we weren't seeing the kind of mayhem we see now. Child abuse and neglect most certainly happened. But from everything I have read it was on a much smaller scale.

Expecting the solution to this problem to come from watchful dobbers-in is just avoiding the true problem and shifting blame. Tomorrows victims are being born right now and being sent home by CYF people who hold fast to the ideology that the child must always remain with its biological mother; being written onto a benefit by WINZ people who are not tasked to ask any questions.

Welcome to the compassionate and caring society.


Stephanie said...

What I found interesting was that the father took the son but not the three girls with him when he moved to Australia. Also in this case the mother was working, long shifts, but was 'supporting' the others 'adults.'

Anonymous said...

Good post, Lindsay. I agree, the welfare state is helping to create these 'families' who have no interest in actually properly raising their kids, or who care two hoots about their welfare, they draw the money for booze, drugs, take-aways, etc, etc. I thought father's words rung hollow - where was he when Nia so badly needed him, the very person who should have protected her. To not attend court, I guess he didn't want to hear the painful evidence, but it's still an insult to her memory. As for the Curtis brothers, what went wrong in their lives? Were they abused and neglected also when young? Not that it's any excuse, but I suspect the answer is yes. Why didn't Lisa Kuka protect her child? She is such a lovely looking woman, all such a horrible, tragic waste. Sorry, just my two cents' worth. Will a new government fix any of this? And why did no politician mention it during the campaign? How hard has NZ become? What can you and I do, apart from expressing our views?

Anonymous said...

Well said Linday.
It seems the boys at No Minister are coming round to your view as well.
Hopefully the country will see the folly of decades of welfare and the problems and the murders it has funded.


WWallace said...

He might be just trying to increase his blog-ranking, but Danylstirs this up further by saying

the murderers are just "stupid", and 20% of parents of cot death children have committed infanticide.

If I was living next door to a rental property like the one in question, the first thing I would honestly do would be to move away.

Anonymous said...

Singapore doesn't have this foulness because they have steadfastly resisted the Trojan horse of Progressive politics. They still have their civilization and their self respect.

Who's responsible? Sure the perps are responsible. Who else?? I'll tell you. Every fucken smart arsed liberal/ collectivist/ socialist/ progressive out there who has (over the last 40 years) bullied and sneered and thrust their shitty ideology upon us. You who have attacked religion and every other facet of society that allowed us a moral foundation.

Fuck you. Don't start with this crap about its not society's fault. It is, because you have worked assiduously towards this outcome with your scornful contempt for anyone who put motherhood ahead of dying your hair blond, buying a red Jap sports car, and selling real estate, or your sneers towards good Christians who attended church every Sunday while you sat in your trendy Ponsonby cafes drinking latte and sniffing over the price of day care or sniggering over the latest episode of Sex and the City.

If ever you noticed a brick remaining in the foundations of our once self reliant and productive and morally bound society, you couldn't wait to gleefully kick it free. So you kicked all those bricks away, and Nia Glassie falls into the cavern, like a thousand other emotionally abandoned and disregarded children who live in cruel vicious and barbaric groups that were once real families.

Its nothing to do with you? Not your fault?? If you're a Progressive, you had everything to do with it. You can't do all of this, bring about all of these changes, and witness the social disintegration that accompanied those changes, and then say its nothing to do with you. You did it. so STFU, grow up and admit it.

Progressives have infiltrated out government, our public institutions, our news media, our entertainment industry, our education system, our society overall, and this is the outcome.

"What can you and I do, apart from expressing our views?'

You can repel the onslaught of the Progressives. Its that easy. Singapore is the proof.