Sunday, July 27, 2008

Clear difference; clear choice

The National Party has moved to defuse fears it will dismantle the Working for Families scheme if it wins the election.

Party leader John Key told this morning's TV One Agenda programme he is planning no changes to the system. He says a careful look at the way the scheme functions has shown it is not worthwhile changing it.

Mr Key says it is important to offer people certainty during tough economic times.


Sir Roger Douglas delivered [ACT's plan], listing renting hospital wards out to doctors and nurses to do "Mrs Tamati's hip operation," greater privatisation of education, hauling back tax rates, topping up poor people's incomes through tax system and getting rid of Working for Families and slashing government spending by 10 per cent.

He launched into Michael Cullen's treasured Working for Families scheme, which he said was "the very worst type of policy."


KG said...

The only clear and principled alternative to Labour must surely be ACT. A vote for the Nats is no more than a vote for the status quo and-worse-a vague hope that somehow things will get better.
Things will not get better until Kiwis swallow some rather bitter medicine.

mawm said...

I would like to see how renting out wards would help.

What will happen is a few extra hips would be done and a few surgeons will make lots of money. These wards, operating rooms, clinics, etc, are not capable of higher productivity with all the 'policies and procedures' that have to be followed. AND the tax payer will still have to pay the salaries and other capital expenditure.

Anonymous said...

Precisely mawm.

The only policy NZ's ruined economy can now afford is to sell of all the hospital assets and terminate all employment contracts.

Not even sell of these deadweights as going concerns. Shut them all down, fire everyone, sell them as derelict properties or burn them.

Anything else is just as stupid economically as buying back the railways

those who have chosen to take out private health cover - well the market has already built good hospitals for them.

for the bludgers: they deserve nothing