Thursday, March 06, 2008

A serious chip on the shoulder

A couple of years back I read a rather raw and extreme speech which I hoped reflected a personal paranoia and not reality. Here is an excerpt;

This place is fucking appalling – men tell you what to do, men make you feel bad – men for the benefit of men shape the system. As students we are objectified – I have been one of the people who have made jokes about “easy first years” and I regret that – I did not do the sisterhood any favours. The reason why I made these jokes is because I bowed to covert peer pressure. I picked up on the language and I existed to be liked by men and envied by women but I was never going to be a fuckable first year so I went to student politics and that made me attractive to a whole other group of men – who run the place, who attack me, who judge me on whether they would fuck me or not.

University is a sad story for women and we don’t fight against it because we ignore it or see it as tough luck cause its normal.

Date rape, gang rape, sexual violence are all a norm here – it’s a joke because men make it so and they are the blokes, the boys club and they are putting us down and taking our jobs.

The place in question was Auckland University. The speaker ex-student President Kate Sutton. I mention this because I have noticed Kate is standing for Labour in Epsom. My knowledge of Epsom extends only to the fact that Rodney Hide is their current MP.

It appears Labour are not seriously entertaining changing that.


Anonymous said...

Are we seeing bitterness and hatred as the underlying drivers of politicians of the left? The emergence of social minorities and the self-described oppressed, uniting to redress their inadequacies through the political patronage afforded by MMP?
Is there a connective thread between Kate Sutton's speech and the less obvious driver for Sue Bradford's legislation - not so much the protection of children as the controlling of adults (read men)?
Your prefacing comments on Sutton's speech are chillingly accurate, and your hopes that it might not reflect reality, sadly, may be misplaced. Her experience is totally believable, just read the personal vitriol levelled at women politicians on other blogsite threads. These are not criticisms of what is bad about socialism, but crude degredation of them as women.
The Kate Suttons should no more determine New Zealand's direction than the abusive men she vilifies. Between them they will produce an angry society built on a desire to drag down those they disagree with. Society needs to be moulded by those who recognise what is good about us, and are committed to promoting inclusive policies that create a climate of achievable well-being for all.

Blair said...

Kate Sutton is just a gift. Rejoice, for she is the Future of Labour (TM), and lo, it is bleak!

Rick said...

That's right, Epsom.
Wonderful Mt Eden and its view. Wonderful streets and houses, flash shops. Great malt wiff in the air from the brewery. Right there on the edge of Auckland Domain.
That's right, Kate Sutton!
She somehow becomes the personification of all the postmodernist, victim-hood cultist, anti-individual, a priori, and bunkum economic materials we read. It walks, on two legs.

Rodney Hide's going to have a ball kicking those legs out from under her. She'll fall flat on her ass. I wish it were me.

Anonymous said...

perhaps it because she is a pog with such a screwed up attitude that it just be easier to move on, rather than listen to the incessant blaming and whining thank pour forth at every single opportunity.