Monday, January 28, 2008

Curious metamorphosis

Imagine waking up one day to find that you have become a cinema.

On Saturday I received a letter from the Wellington City Council addressed to Lindsey Mitchell Cinema. They are developing a database of all the community facilities within Wellington and have sent me a 4 double-sided page survey to assist in that endeavour.


So I googled "Lindsey Mitchell Cinema nz"

Here is the page I found. I scrolled down to discover I am indeed a cinema and when clicked on the link was given a graphic illustration of how to find me and a phone number to find out what I am currently showing.

I have no idea how this has come about. I am listed as "Mitchell Lindsay" in the Yellow Pages as an artist. But that is a far cry from being a cinema - "Muritai Cinemas" at that.

Should I be pissed off about this? Who is making money from a site with bogus listings? Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Actually If I lived in Wgtn I would be more pissed off that the council has a position entitled:

Director - Citizen Engagement

What the hell does that person do?

Anonymous said...

The theatre may be looking to attract patrons who are looking for some decent entertainment.

Rick said...

First guess is that someone has set up an enterprise using your namesake. Crossed wires probably led to them being attributed the wrong address for the wrong Lindsay MItchell/Mitchell Lindsay.

Or, Trevour Loudon isn't enough of a decoy for taking the heat off the rest of us and 'New Zeel' type people are starting on you?

Anonymous said...

Maybe your recent promotion of a special screening of the Dave Henderson film may have confused some people....?

Will de Cleene said...

Just as long as there's no chicken porn.

Anonymous said...

That has broadened the debate too far.

Lindsay Mitchell said...


I have contacted the company and told them to remove my details.

I will be interested to see how long it takes or if they have an explanation.