Monday, October 22, 2007

We should be very angry

This story from the front page of the Dominion Post really got to me. How many parents will look at the photo and think, there but for the grace of God... These frigging thugs need severely dealing with. They behave like they do because they know there are no substantial consequences, and what there are mean nothing. They have little to lose in their scummy lives. Then again, they might even get their photos in the papers as Uncle Pita and Aunty Tariana make excuses for them.

God help me if I had to attend a family group conference with any kids that had hurt one of mine like this. No doubt, if they find the attackers the authorities will want the victim to face them so they can 'appreciate' what they have done. So they can learn something. It'll still be about them and not the beaten young man, Oliver Mace, who, if he recovers his memory, will probably still be feeling frightened and sick to his back teeth over the violence. This 'humane' approach to justice has to stop. It's become inhumane.


mojo said...

& unfortunately often, 'appreciating what they have done' translates as 'appreciating their handiwork.'
Remorse, regret, apologies and associated emotional trappings ... seeing the error of their ways and conviction to reform often merely the 'necessary demand characteristics to effect minimal consequences.'
I think,perhaps, parole boards are beginning to appreciate this.

ZenTiger said...

We should be even angrier.

If he had defended himself, and hurt one of these thugs, he would be facing a jail sentence, like the young chef who was recently jailed for three years for reacting 'badly' to being harassed and attacked by a group of thugs.

I would not be surprised if the judge throws him in jail for bruising the hands and feet of his attackers....

Judge gets 3 years jail for over-reacting (I wish)