Monday, October 29, 2007

The run-around

Here Gordon Copeland is getting exactly the same run-around I get from the Ministry;

17347 (2007). Gordon Copeland to the Minister for Social Development and Employment (Acting)

Please advise how many DPB clients left benefits as a result of their employment related earnings, making them eligible for the In Work Payment over the past (a) six months (b)12 months.

Hon Steve Maharey (Minister for Social Development and Employment (Acting)) replied: People leave benefit for a variety of reasons, not all of which are advised to Work and Income. As such, I am advised that the Ministry does not record information in a way that allows a meaningful response to your question.

It is just not credible that a government introduces a scheme specifically aimed at getting beneficiaries into jobs and then makes no attempt to monitor the success of that scheme.

My advice to Gordon is to try your ex-boss, Minister of the Inland Revenue. The IRD is responsible for administering the In Work payment. You'll no doubt get a very similar answer, as I did. But you could use it to embarrass your ex-party who would be less keen to convey an impression that they are as 'careless' (or conniving) as Labour.

Accountable and transparent government. Bollocks.


Anonymous said...

THe MSD was the appropriate minister. IRD does not have any recored of where people who get the IWP come from, (DPB, at home parent, student etc) but the ministry does for beneficiaries - it just doesnt want to collate that info for a report. What the MSD could have done was to advise how many DPB clients left the benefit as a result of full time work - which is what the questin alluded to.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I know how many people left the DPB for work in 2006. I know how many people were receiving an In Work tax credit at various times during the year. But I cannot presume everybody who left DPB and went to work gets an In Work tax credit. That is what I and other MPs want to know.

In addition, I want to know, of those who are now receiving an IWTC, did they increase the hours they were working (if any) or did they simply move off their existing partial-benefit onto an IWTC (no longer paid for by MSD but by IRD), with no extra hours worked/ no increased productivity outcome.

These are legitimate questions it is currently impossible to get answers to.