Sunday, April 22, 2007

Who gives a monkey's for the America's Cup?

According to this poll only 34% of us.

I couldn't resist having a look because human beings fascinate me. At the moment my attention to Valencia is at about -5% so I had to honestly say, I don't care one way or the other. But I can get very quickly interested in ANY kind of competition. Which is how I think most New Zealanders are.

Remember 1994 (I think). Robert was a baby and I had luxury of lighting the fire in the morning and being able to stay home and watch the racing off San Diego. The country was nationally obsessed with it.

But now? See how quickly our passion dwindles. How short our emotional memories are. We are made that way for a reason.


Anonymous said...

America's Cup racing is like watching paint dry, more particularly after our recent failures [think broken masts etc]. Somehow the repetitive voice of Colin Montgomery brings it all back -- YAWN!

Cactus Kate said...

I lived on Princes Wharf during the cup. No one was interested in the yachting. It was the parties that were the highlight.

Winning the Cup is secondary to really hosting the event and having the myriads of super amazingly wealthy and very very hot people walking around from all over the world.

It was a great leveler for Aucklanders who thought they were shit hot and loaded.

That in itself was worth watching.