Friday, March 30, 2007

Please can I have my pie ,Sir

Great. It's hard enough getting my 8 year-old to eat anything at school, let alone fruit and yoghurt. She is a bundle of energy and has the sturdy strong lean body that goes with so much activity. But she does like a pie on Friday, the one day I let her buy lunch. Now the miserable Ministry of Health wants schools to declare pies and sausage rolls once-a-term treats!

See. This is more of what I was talking about yesterday. Punish all kids because some have a problem. It's a dreadful message to deliver to young minds.


Brian Smaller said...

ilet my kids buy their lunches most Fridays as well. It is the one day that they get to choose something. Every other day they get a lunchbox that would have a child nutitionist drooling with delight. Add this to having dry hot cross buns and you have one miserable time. You are right Lindsay, is there no end to what the government wants to control in our lives?

Lawrence of Otago said...

I agree, the message is;
"you do not have to think! we the government, will do all the thinking for you."


Anonymous said...

And as another dictator's henchmen used to threaten, in a very thick accent -- "ORDERS MUST BE OBEYED AT ALL TIMES"!