Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Bloggers out for the count in MSM contest"

From today's DomPost, there isn't much here I'd argue with;


Write Disability said...

Du Fresne has a point, to a point, but also has a farcical notion of 'MSM' neutrality.

To me, articles like his draw a mental picture of an old fogey sitting in an over-stuffed studded leather chair with a cigar in one hand, brandy balloon in the other, lamenting to his forth-estate chums about his gentleman’s club letting ladies in.

I have had the personal experience of 'MSM journos' getting together to try and beat my blog (ergo me) up; because of the sins they perceived bloggers did to them. Think about it, a TV journo, hosted on a nationally syndicated radio show defaming a blogger - Who does more damage; an opinionated blogger or a egocentric journo?

It not a contest, it is like comparing apples and roast lamb.

Du Fresne has to get over himself and realise that left or right wing, there is an audience for both a just as nature abhors a vacuum, so do readers.

I opine that he is more concerned with a shrivelling appendage than with the notion of his 'righteous outrage'.

(I am so tempted to sign off as anonymous)

Anonymous said...

Strange, is it not, that this antique journalist is so long on generalisations and not just short but actually zeroed out on evidence. Why can't he quote just one teensy weensy example of oan instance where a blogger has defamed someone. Anyone. Anyone's dog, even?

He'd make a damned fine lefty blogger.

Antarctic Lemur said...

Didn't this guy used to be the editor at the Dominion and Evening Post?