Monday, July 03, 2006

What we can look forward to

Is the Ministry of Social Development not the most perverse department?

Here are predictions from the CYF division Statement of Intent. They include a 38 percent increase in child neglect and abuse notifications and a 29 percent increase in referrals from the Police to CYF. This division is frantically try to get on top of their workload while another division, WINZ, are busy handing out benefits to the people who create all of this dysfunction. Go Figure.


Anonymous said...

What's there to figure Lindsay?

Bureaucracies are self perpetuating monsters.

Without social problems there'd be no need for a "Ministry of Social Development". So as any successful enterprise must do they develop plans to ensure future business and

coge said...

The perpetuation of these cycles by successive Govts is a form of violence against large sections of the population. Especially the young. Or am I being too extreme?