Sunday, October 22, 2017

And so the Prime Minister's prevarications begin

Well continue actually, but begin as Prime Minister

Let's start with this one:

"When you have a market economy, it all comes down to whether or not you acknowledge where the market has failed and where intervention is required. Has it failed our people in recent times? Yes. How can you claim you've been successful when you have growth roughly 3 per cent, but you've got the worst homelessness in the developed world?"
This was refuted earlier this year by NZ Herald reporter Isaac Davison who found:

New Zealand was ranked as having the highest homeless rate per capita in a piece of analysis published by Yale University last month.
The analysis was based on an OECD paper which said 0.94 per cent of NZ's population was homeless. The lowest homeless rate in the OECD was Japan, at 0.03 per cent.
The OECD paper said that NZ's high incidence of rough sleepers could partly be explained by its broad definition of homelessness.
As Social Housing Minister Amy Adams says, if NZ measured homelessness the same way Japan did, it would be ranked among the top of developed countries.
Japan only measures rough sleepers. According to the Otago study, New Zealand has around 1400 rough sleepers, or 0.03 per cent of the population - equivalent to Japan.
Conclusion: Mostly fiction. The study does not compare apples with apples, so it is unfair to say NZ has performed worse than every other country on the list.

Then the PM claimed that  most people's incomes are "not keeping up with inflation...."

Another lie. The official source for data on household incomes says:

 • From HES 2015 to HES 2016 median household income (BHC) rose 3% in real terms (3% above the CPI inflation rate)

And over a longer period?

It's going to be a long three years listening to fabrications, distortions and exaggerations ad nauseam. 


Jigsaw said...

Indeed it is! There will be lots of excuses-Winston even put a blanket one out there before the government was even formed. His bottom line of a referendum on the Maori seats has gone by the board to be replaced by one on the legalisation of canabis which wasn't even in the lection discussion that I recall. So it's also going to be vastly entertaining and just watching Grant Robertson fall over himself will be a great start.

Will said...

Now that Ms Turei is gone, do you think Miss Ardern will take the mantle as biggest liar in Parliament? Or does Winston take that by default?

Sincerely hope either National or ACT employ your services Lindsay. If anything good comes out of the coalition of losers, it is that you will be blogging a lot more!

Anonymous said...

That is if it lasts three years. The electorate as a whole will be furious, decent-minded Kiwis have a fair sense of play, and will know that Winston stole the win from National, and denied New Zealanders, their hard-won right for a majority view government. MMP apologists will continue to do just that, but many of the public won't care; MMP was never meant to deliver a government delivered by a seven per cent party, no electorate seat, nor was it meant to deny the highest polling party the win.

This is a first and it will rankle many, despite the supposed rules of MMP. Also, Winston implied he would go with the highest polling party, and I bet a lot of people who trusted him on that feel betrayed. NZ First are dead in the water next time, Labour and Greens will lose support as it all unravels, as the economy crashes, as house prices fall, as welfare costs go up etc, and as the in-fighting and leaks begin, and we get taxed, taxed, taxed. Possibly we will have a historic result next time, or sooner, with National being mandated to govern alone as the voters punish arrogance and such a blatant grab for power from an unmandated mob. We shall see. Remember though, not to blame the govt for the problems it causes!

Jim Rose said...

As Jacinda will never lie, must keep putting in OIAs to find the factual backing for her everything is getting worse claims

Anonymous said...

So depressing. Already unravelling between the Greens and NZ First. Already. This is going to be a disaster, and as the disaster unfolds, National will only get more and more popular. She was empty headed in the debates, and continues in that vein. Sigh.