Sunday, July 23, 2017

Labour Minister called dodging child support "a rort"

When Ann Hartley was in parliament, 2002-05, Labour passed legislation to increase the penalties for claiming a benefit and not naming the child's father:

25 August 2004

Heather Roy: When will he admit that this is just a rort so that fathers can dodge child support, and why should taxpayers always have to pick up the bill?
Hon STEVE MAHAREY: It is a rort, and I have said time and time again in this Parliament that fathers must front up to their obligations, and we will make sure they do, as much as we can.
Labour raised the weekly section 70A penalty from $22 to $28 (I argued at select committee it would make no difference).

Ann Hartley wasn't responsible for her son not being named as father of his and Turei's daughter, but on the balance of probabilities, she would have known. Paying child support is no small deal.

The stance Labour took then, shows how politically difficult it will now be for them to continue their pact with the Greens.

Andrew Little should be asked if he thinks dodging child support is a rort.


Anonymous said...

Turei's not going to pay it back. She can't afford it.
The minimum amount is around $60,000 in todays dollar's.
Without interest.
Factor in interest over say 25 years - the mean is around 7%.- that 60K turns into about 350K.

Now imagine - as the lefties always argue - that benefit fraud is as bad as tax evasion.
Let's charge the 5% late fee - 370K
And then the main penalty: 1%. per month.

I make that at least $1,000,000.

Think about that. Turei's fraud is at least a million dollars.

A recent 80K fraudster was jailed for three years. This means Turei should do at least 30 years.

Johno said...

"Andrew Little should be asked if he thinks dodging child support is a rort."

He has and he does - to his credit.

Anonymous said...

Little has done nothing of the kind.

Has he insisted Turei resigns from parliament? no.
Has he said Turei cannot be any part of a Labour-led government? no.
Has he said Turei cannot even be a *minister* in a government? no.

so, Little has done nothing.

Johno said...

Anon, you are not following what was said. The question Lindsay asked was, as I clearly quoted above "Andrew Little should be asked if he thinks dodging child support is a rort."

Nothing to do with any of the three different points you raised.

Anonymous said...

No, my point is - it matters NOT AT ALL - in fact, I'd say it was deeply, deeply cynical - for Little, or now, Adern to say that Turei grad was, in fact, fraud, but that fraud should have no consequences.

Winston - to his credit - called for Turei's immediate resignation (with ACT not to take up her seat); that she lodge a bond of $1,000,000 to cover repayments, penalties, and interest on both, present herself for arrest at the local police station and surrender her passport.

That's how to deal with criminal fraudsters. Anything less, doesn't matter what you say, you actually don't believe it's a crime.