Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The left in charge...in Wgtn anyway

Local body politics in Wellington is dominated by left activists including churches, unions, political party members and lots of troughers.

Living Wage Wellington is calling for wider implementation because,

 "Becoming a Living Wage council and paying the Living Wage to all council staff — directly employed and those employed via contractors and in CCOs — was overwhelmingly supported in public consultation for the 2014/15 Annual Plan and the 2015/25 Long Term Plan. The Council has voted for this. The people of Wellington have backed it. Now it’s time to make the commitment to the Living Wage a reality.”

So I had a quick scroll through submissions (737 pages).

The following form-submission appears many, many times. Obviously cut and paste from a source and simply e-mailed in. Now there is nothing to stop other non-Left groups encouraging people to do the same, but it tends not to happen.


Dear Annual Plan
I write as a citizen and ratepayer of Wellington to  call on Wellington City Council, through
your 2014/2015 Annual Plan, to:
 Fully implement your decision to become a Living Wage employer and ensure all
Council workers, including directly employed and those working through CCOs and
contractors, are paid a living wage
 Make this a priority in order to address inequality in our city and recognising that the
benefits of a living wage far out-weigh the costs
 Meet the cost through a range of measures, including from the Council’s current
wage budget and through negotiation with relevant contractors. Any cost to
ratepayers will be staged as contracts come up for renegotiation.

I was astonished at the huge number of submissions from cyclists wanting better cycle ways, and other multiple submissions were from anti-fluoridation advocates.

One gets the strong impression that the left are highly organised in Wellington and accordingly, have a great deal of pull with the council.

As far as I am aware the council did not poll on the living wage issue so we cannot know that "the people of Wellington have backed it".

The only "known" is overwhelming support from the very sources you would expect.

Wellington City Council - Living Wage debate


Jamie said...

No doubt the left have a grip of Wellington, gee they're in gummit now dammit. I'm from the right Lindsay and I object to fluoride in the water. Food for thought, the NAZI party were the first to fluoride the water, I guess it was because they cared about peoples teeth. Call me paranoid but I don't trust the doctors [everyone knows their opinions can, and have been bought time and again] when they say it's all gravy

As for them spandex wearing road-hogs and their cycle ways, well you know I'm a truckie; And cyclists are a truckies worst nightmare, bloody lycra-Lance-Armstrong-wannabes shouldn't be on the road as far as I'm concerned.
I did have an idea on how to build a nation wide bike track. It would involve training the army to build infrastructure like the Roman Legions of old...


Sadly like all great ideas it's probably generations ahead of its time

Lindsay Mitchell said...

My reference to the influence of the left related to the living wage advocates. Cyclists and anti-fluoride objectors could be from anywhere in the political spectrum.

Redbaiter said...

"My reference to the influence of the left related to the living wage advocates. Cyclists and anti-fluoride objectors could be from anywhere in the political spectrum."

Anywhere as long as its the left side of the political spectrum. The so called right in NZ is about as powerful and numerous as the right in Cuba.

As for the left being in charge, well its been their strategy for decades to worm their way into and gain control of our public institutions.

This is not rocket science, but its a tactic the Nats seem strangely unaware of, or more likely, they've just been infiltrated themselves. Whatever, over all of fifty years, they've done SFA to stop it, and still are not doing anything.

I've been paying a lot more attention lately to US and Australian politics. Its quite noticeable that both these countries have a strong right wing political faction (using right wing as loosely as it usually is) that exists in stark contrast to the limp lame whitebait that call themselves the right in NZ.

7000 Liberal party supporters voted in a 2GB (Sydney radio) poll today. 96% preferred Abbott to Turnbull. You'd not see this level of dissent in NZ, even though Key's performance is every bit as piss weak as Turnbull's.

NZ is a one party state, moulded from a ruling class of Labour/National and the left wing media and academia.

We badly need a Trump style new entrant in politics to smash that mould. Then we might start the long march in reverse and free our institutions from the death grip of the left.