Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The "wrong people"

You hear it all the time. He fell in with the wrong people. She started hanging out with the wrong crowd. My kid started mixing with the wrong people.

Mostly it's a piss poor excuse. Only occasionally does it pertain to people who are easily led and impressionable.

"...he had joined with "a couple of the wrong people and got into drugs", meaning cannabis..."

He WAS the wrong people.


Jim Rose said...

Observing the wrong crowd only from but far, the only difference between them was some were worse than others, but they all met the minimum criteria for ratbags.

Those that did dropout did mostly through fear of punishment or were caught, rather than a moral reawakening.

Jamie said...

Someone tell me again why these animals aren't put in general population with the gangstas?

Instead they get put in protection with the other paedos where they sit around and tell snuff stories to each other

Anonymous said...

The best shot she could have given him would have been from a firearm.