Monday, March 02, 2015

One government agency sues another

According to the NZ Herald:
WorkSafe has filed a charge against the Ministry of Social Development following the Ashburton Work and Income shootings last September.
The charge under Section 6 of the Health and Safety in Employment Act alleges the ministry failed to take all practicable steps to ensure the safety of its employees while at work.
The mind boggles over what future "practicable" steps will entail.


S. Beast said...

If we must go down that route how about MSD sues the DHBs and ACC for the continued dumping of health costs upon it, not to mention the cost of supporting those who cannot work due to extended delays in cover for treatment.

Failing to protect what was meant to be a safety net puts at risk welfare support for those who genuinely need it.

Anonymous said...

If smart arse Joyces great conglomerate win this then every employer in NZ will have to develop a plan about how to stop a crazy bastard with a gun running in the door and shooting your staff.
what a croc of crap.

A new wave of fundamentalist H&S OSH Nazi's.

Oh and don't forget your art studio.

Jim Rose said...

I think there was a background of tolerance of very bad behaviour by clients by senior management.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Senior management on-site?