Saturday, February 28, 2015

The anonymous replacement for Carmel Sepuloni

With Carmel Sepuloni suspended from her spokes role in the social development portfolio I wondered who had replaced her. No clues here:

Home For Life review called for

Home For Life review called for
As Foster care awareness week kicks off, Labour is calling for a review of Home for Life – National’s policy for the permanent care of foster children
“Children’s Day (tomorrow) and Foster Care Awareness week offer the perfect opportunity to consider whether we are doing the best we can by kids.
“Our foster carers do an amazing, but often thankless, job and taking the next step to becoming a home for life carer can be daunting. We need to ensure families are well supported.
“I have heard countless stories of families who transition from being foster carers - especially those who are caring for children with high and complex needs – not receiving the support they still need.
“The sad reality is that many families will also often have to contend with legal battles – an expensive and draining experience for caregivers who are trying to do their best by their foster child.
“While the Government has tried to remedy some of these issues through the Vulnerable Children’s Act, it doesn’t go far enough for many Home For Life families.
“And if they don’t have the necessary support their work may end up having the opposite effect. Every child deserves to grow up in a stable and secure environment, with carers who are well placed to care for them and their needs.
“A family that takes on Home For Life responsibility will have their plan reviewed after three years.
“It’s time we did the same to the policy to make sure it’s giving families, and most importantly our children, everything it promised.”

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