Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Top five feminist myths"

Yesterday I was talking about advocacy with no regard for the facts. So this short video at Utopia - you are standing in it, The top five feminist myths is very timely.

It reminds me that the report/review of studies into violence against men, The other side of partner violence, released last week got virtually no coverage. I must be naive because I find that shocking. NewstalkZB's Tim Fookes interviewed the author but even Tim said something to the effect that when you hear the words "domestic violence" you immediately think about abused women and children. I don't. I think about a neighbourhood I once worked in where a woman had her teeth knocked out but only after hiding her partners car keys and glassing him in the face with a broken beer bottle when he couldn't escape. Same individual also threw kittens off a high rise balcony.

Feminists are generally on the left of the political spectrum and the left do practice and tolerate lying because the end justifies the means. The right probably does it too though not as regularly. As a habit I endeavour to adjust my position  if the facts don't fit. But then I've got nothing to lose. I'm not paid to push a particular line. I'm not emotionally wedded to any other ideology than individual rights and freedom from force.

That's why blogs are going to be increasingly influential as their writers expose the lies. The video (and blog) above is a worthy example.

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