Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nicky Hager: The Left blogosphere is as pure as the driven snow

That's the conclusion you would have to draw after reading Nicky Hager's introduction to his new book at the Dirty Politics website.

Hager's earnest one-eyedness is quite pathetic. Quite Chaplinesque. On Campbell Live he got more cringe worthy the longer it went on.  The lack of communicative credibility was overwhelming. But I wouldn't shoot him down on that shortcoming alone.

So I went to look at his on-line evidence of nasty attack, social media politics somehow unique to and especially sinister on the Right. Yet the activity of Left blogs rates no mention.

Of course Hager would protest their relevance.

But it beggars belief that Labour Party connections to The Standard and The Daily Blog don't exist.

The degree of involvement between Whale Oil and National is unknown to me. Sometimes Cam runs a submission from me for which I am grateful. I am not a cheer leader for National.

But right now Hager is religiously hell bent on making it look like the Whale Oil/National relationship is ugly and unique. That's the flaw in his assault.


David Farrar has understandably taken an interest, given a chapter is devoted to him:

Cam does not work for anyone, or even take guidance from anyone. He is his own force of nature.

The Left just doesn't get individualism. Their deep-seated superglued-stuckness to collectivism cultivates conspiracy at every corner.


thor42 said...

As I've said elsewhere, the huge irony in all of this is that the phrase "dirty politics" will now forever be associated with *Hager* rather than those he accuses of indulging in it.

Anonymous said...

I still think Cam is NZ's own Beppe Grillo.

Sooner or later he'll get sick of National's hard-left policies, and set up on his own. I mean, if there was a list-only Whale party running in this election, he'd be easily over 5%, third to the Greens, and we'd be assured of another 2-3 terms of National-led government.

I just loved his answer to RadioNZ this morning:

I will never appear on Radio NZ in the foreseeable future

Cam's policy has been for years that RadioNZ should be closed down, or failing that, sold off. So I'll have nothing to do with them.

People always used to say RadioNZ Morning Report had the greatest media reach in NZ and that it set the agenda. Well perhaps it used to, but not any more. Now that's done by Whaleoil.

thor42 said...

The Left blogosphere is as pure as the driven snow."

Yeah, right, and I'm Elvis and I'll be digging myself up any day now......