Friday, August 15, 2014

Labour's flagging support

You will already have read about the latest Stuff Ipsos poll showing Labour support down to 22%.

What stood out to me is their flagging support amongst the 65+ demographic. At 19 percent they are the lowest-polling Labour-supporting age group.

I believe this is because the age group in particular does not want an Internet/Mana - Green - Labour government. As Internet/Mana build support amongst the young they reduce  it from the left block.

Also noteworthy, The Conservative Party has leapt to over 3 percent. Garth McVicar?


homepaddock said...

Good to see that the older people Labour is trying to bribe have more sense than the party.

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives got to 2.65% at the last election.
Nothing has happened since then to lower their vote and a lot has happened to raise it - McVicar, Rankine (who is seen on being a benefit reformist) - and the general leftist policies of the Key government.

Remember that the Conservatives were the missing bit of the vote against asset sales that meant a majority of votes were against, but a majority of seats were pro.

The big takeaway from this is that a) any government not lead by National will clearly be against the expressed wish of the vast majority of the population, and b) Labour can no longer be considered a major party.

Anonymous said...

to see that the older people Labour is trying to bribe

ironically the only respectable Labour policy has been the increase in the super age. That's probably got the National superannuitants up in arms.

I mean if Labour can cut the super start age, who knows what else they will cut to the super?

thor42 said...

I noticed the low Labour support in the older agegroups too Lindsay. It's great to see!

From about the 50-year-olds and up, Labour is really struggling (I'm 52 myself). These people know very well that Labour's policies are a complete dog's breakfast mixed up with a lolly-scramble. Labour (deep down) may know this too, hence their turning to muckracking with Hager's book.

Anonymous said...

From about the 50-year-olds and up,... (I'm 52 myself).

Well I just hope you're voting ACT. At 52 the one thing you can be sure of is no super at 65, 67, 70 or at all if you have any assets or income.

If you're hoping to live reasonably well (or even just get into a nice nursing home) ACT's tax cuts are the only possibility most of us will not end up dying in our of our children's back bedrooms (if we're lucky) or in the gutter if not.

Jigsaw said...

ACT have made such a mess of their internal workings-its time for the Conservatives.