Sunday, August 10, 2014

ACT on track to win Epsom

Like many voters who read this blog, I am watching Epsom. Here is the result of Q&A's Colmar Brunton poll released today:

Who would you vote for with your electorate vote?
National Paul Goldsmith 44%
Act David Seymour 32%
Labour Michael Wood 10%
Green Julie Anne Genter 9%
Conservative Christine Rankin 4%
Internet Mana Pat O'Dea 0.8%
Independent Grace Haden 0.3%
Don't know 8%

Were you aware John key is encouraging National Party supporters to give their electorate vote to the Act Party candidate?
Yes 70%
No 28%
Don't know 2%

With this in mind, who would you now vote for with your electorate vote?
National Paul Goldsmith 31%
Act David Seymour 45%
Labour Michael Wood 9%
Green Julie Anne Genter 10%
Conservative Christine Rankin 4%
Internet Mana Pat O'Dea .08%
Independent Grace Haden 0.1%
Don't know 13%

Do you support or oppose arrangements like the one John Key has made with the Act Party in Epsom?
Support 47%
Oppose 37%
Don't know 16%

Which political party would you vote for?
National 60%
Green 16%
Labour 14%
NZ First 3.3%
Act 2.7%
Conservative 2.1%
Internet Mana 1.5%
Maori 0.6%
Don't know 6%

The important revelation here is that a significant percentage of Epsom voters don't know about Key's endorsement of ACT. Without that knowledge they will vote the wrong way. That is, they won't be voting for the outcome they want. A National-led government.


Anonymous said...

Pretty depressing that even in Epsom - 60% of punters are voting for a hard-left National government - more left wing than any government in recent memory, certainly more left-wing than the last two Labour governments.

2.7% for ACT & 2.1% for Conservatives is pretty pathetic too.

Anonymous said...

On those figures, better tactical voting by Labour+Green supports (by voting National) takes ACT out and guarantees Cun* PM.

It's not over yet. Not for a long shot.

As Cam is fond of saying - the only way to be sure NZ ha sensible government is to revert to the franchise of 1890 - a property qualification, so non-taxpayers don't get to vote.

Richard said...

Did you mean?

ACT on track to lose Epsom