Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Colin James on Labour

Colin James is more impartial than most which is why I read his weekly column:
A long shadow will encroach on the Labour party’s pre-election “congress” this weekend: a Green shadow. There will be shorter shadows, too.
The short shadows are a faltering leadership, bad polls and a spectre looming out of history and off the internet. They add up to a growing sense in the electorate that for a second election in a row Labour is not headed for office.
A year ago most MPs agreed David Shearer had to go as leader. Now a broadening number concede that Labour under Shearer would not be doing worse than it is under David Cunliffe.



Anonymous said...

However decent, it was painful to listen to David Shearer and his difficulty speaking off the cuff. David Cunliffe has the necessary articulateness; he's just got nothing to say that resonates for me.

Anonymous said...

"...for a second election in a row Labour is not headed for office."

I think James got it wrong there.
It should be the *third* election in a row - 2008, 2011, 2014.

Anonymous said...

Fourth election.

Remember Labour actually lost in 2005 and only got "elected" thanks to a massive illegal spend - if we'd had an ICAC Labour would have been thrown out of parliament and Brash appointed PM for the full term...