Thursday, July 03, 2014

Asking too much of parents

A school donation of $100 per year equates to $2.50 a week.

It's too much to ask of any parent. Just as it's too much to ask them to find $2 or $3 for breakfast and lunch for their child. Too much to ask them to go down to Savemart or Rebound and buy a raincoat or second pair of shoes for a few dollars.

It's all too much.

Thank God for Labour. I hope they will also issue parenting guidelines recommending that parents don't make demands on their children. There is nothing to be gained from asking children to assume some responsibility by doing household chores to earn pocket money for example.

The more people are absolved from contributing, the less the stigma will be when they don't.

Hurray. This policy is the mark of a truly compassionate party.


Anonymous said...

which is why I'm completely staggered by ACT's education policy: charter schools are just (union-free) state schools, nothing more, nothing less.

Sure breaking the teachers' unions is important, but the idea that charter schoolkids' parents actually love their own children enough to pay to educate them is just as false as it is with any other state school.

if you love your children, they'll be in a private school. Beginning. End.

Sky Maiden said...

Absolutely, parents should be paying for this.

But what happens when they can't/wont? Do we let the children starve or freeze?

Will that teach them for being born into the wrong family?