Monday, June 09, 2014

Heads you lose, tails you lose

The Guardian reports on the predicted increase in domestic violence during the football World Cup:

The most detailed research into the links between the football World Cup and domestic abuse rates has revealed that in one force area in England and Wales, violent incidents increased by 38% when England lost – but also rose by 26% when they won.
The after match violence is predominantly male-perpetrated but not solely:

In the past few weeks, officers have drawn up a list of 117 high-risk and high-frequency perpetrators – 110 men and seven women – using intelligence drawn from domestic abuse data, risk assessments and football violence data.
The individuals will be visited at home by officers and warned not to vent their feelings on their partners. Essex police are also running a high-profile social media and advertising campaign – informed by interviews with victims of domestic abuse – to raise awareness of the crime's prevalence, highlight that victims can be male, female, gay or straight, and call on the public to stand together to fight it.
I recall attending a game at Old Trafford in the late 1980s and marvelling at the highly effective use of mounted horses to back into groups and disperse violent scuffles. Not much use in a small terrace house though.

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