Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Another candidate for Upper Harbour

Michael Kidd says he will seek the Labour Party nomination to stand against Paula Bennett and Christine Rankin in the Upper Harbour electorate. Apparently,

He will stand on a policy of restoring the cuts in welfare by the National Government which have negatively impacted on the most vulnerable.
What cuts?

Sanctions - not often - have been imposed on people who fail to do things like keep a WINZ appointment. If sanctions are applied to parents they are limited to 50 percent. Unlike the 100 percent possible under Labour.

Is Kidd going to argue for a return to that regime?

The 'cuts' to the Training Incentive Allowance meant that mature students studying at a higher level couldn't continue to access unconditional welfare. But the savings were targeted at supporting younger, tertiary students. That's in keeping with National's focus on keeping young people out of the benefit system or limiting their reliance.

Is Kidd going to argue for perennial students to be supported by the taxpayer?

Sole parents can't stay indefinitely on welfare by adding children to an existing benefit. Their entitlement to do so has been 'cut'.

Is Kidd going to argue the taxpayer should fund unlimited children born onto a benefit?

While I thought Colin Craig describing the Bennett/ Rankin clash as a cat fight was injudicious, Kidd will most certainly be walking into a big cat's den.

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Anonymous said...

Kidd is going against huge public support for welfare reform.

I'd say he has *no show*.