Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Will I need a booster seat to drive my car?

Isn't it always the way. As soon as public safety campaigners get their 'inch', they want a 'mile'.

The law is about to be changed to require 7 year-olds to be in car booster seats.

But now there are calls for the age to be raised to 11.

Gulp. Many, maybe even a majority, of 11 year-olds are bigger than me.

(And save me from kids riding backwards pulling faces and making gestures. They may be safer but the driver behind, the one they are irritating and distracting the hell out of, isn't.)

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Anonymous said...

I suspect it won't go that far. Safety mechanisms built into new cars are carefully designed as a whole solution and modifying the driver's seat could imnpact on that.

Otherwise its bollocks anyway - someone at LTSA or whatever it i has too much time on their hands.